About Wellevia

Wellevia was founded with one goal in mind – supplying medical professionals along with consumers high quality, all natural and full spectrum CBD wellness products. We pride ourselves on having some of the highest-grade CBD products on the market that are all packaged and grown within the USA. The Wellevia difference comes from our attention to detail and sourcing only the finest ingredients. Every product is 100% THC free offering the healthy benefits of the hemp plant.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiolor “CBD” is one of the dozens of non-psychoactive cannabinoids that can be found within the hemp plant. Cannabinoids have been found to have many medical and healing properties due to their ability to act on the cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout the human body and help promote a healthy immune and endocannabinoid system while aiding in pain-relief and anti-inflammatory purposes. CBD is not a psychotropic cannabinoid like THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is found in marijuana. It does not produce a “high”or euphoric effect. CBD was patented by the United States government in 2003 (Patent No. 6,630,507)

The Wellevia Difference

Wellevia offers a variety of tinctures, salves, and lotions. We want medical professionals and consumers to have options when choosing the right CBD product for themselves. No matter what ailment you are battling you can be assured that our products are full spectrum and of the highest quality. Here’s why:

Made In The USA

Wellevia products are 100% grown, extracted, formulated, manufactured and bottled right in the United States in Colorado.

100% Organic

Wellevia products are produced from start to finish without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or unnatural fertilizers. Our products are 100% all-natural and avoid using chemicals along with genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) wherever possible.

Full Spectrum

Wellevia’s naturally occurring cannabinoids (like CBD, CBG, and CBN), terpenes and flavonoids combine in the body as nature intended. Full spectrum extracts are considered to be more effective than isolate products and treat a wider range of medical ailments.

Versatile, Safe, Potent CBD Therapy Shipped Straight To Your Home